25 Research Paper Title Ideas That Will Help You Get Inspired

The title for your research paper is the so called meat of the whole article, the main task of which is to attract your readers and make them want to read your job. That's why most writers spend most of the writing time thinking of a catchy title, and less for the results and discussion sections. Without a catchy title there is a high risk that your research paper will never be read. If you feel that you are not able to complete such a difficult task, simply read the next 25 brilliant ideas for your research assignment.

  • - Firstly, make sure that your topic is actual and you are highly interested in researching the subject.
  • - If you are interested in human behavior and psychology, you can write about Body language, difference between nonverbal communication of women and men, why suicide is that popular among teenagers, is terrorism a mental disorder, who can become a suicide bomber and what are the reasons. Those topics can only inspire you, if you are truly interested in psychology.
  • - Maybe you are a business fan, and the following topics will inspire you to make a grandiose researching

– Is normal for the working process when employees are allowed to do some sports during the work time? How it can influence on the production process? Try to explain the wage gap between men and women

– How it can be possible for women to earn less than men in our highly emancipated world? Try to figure out, whether there is a need for a maximum salary, if we have a minimum one? Is it normal for modern employees to work 40-hour workweek? Should it be reduced for a better productivity? If business is not what you need, try to focus your attention on education

– Is it normal for parents to check and censor literature in schools? Should electronic devices be forbidden is schools even though we are living in the information era? Is gap year a good idea for high school students and should it be adopted by US students? What are the downsides and upsides of school uniform? How a single sex school can influence on the student personality? What are the pros and cons of mixed sex school? Religious topics can help you to write a really successful research paper

– Gender inequality: can women be finally priests, pastors etc? Which religion is the true one, and does it really exist? Can hatred be classified as a real crime?

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