How To Come Up With A Winning Research Paper Title On Global Warming

You had to write so many research papers until now that you are completely tired of them. You already know that for the next few days, you will have to spend all your time inside, studying. Otherwise, you will not have enough information to compose a good composition. The worst part is that this time, you need to choose the title of the text by yourself. It’s not easy to keep your classmates interested, so use these methods to come up with a winning idea:

  • Talk about something common between all of you. If you decide to talk about the effects of global warming at the other side of the world, they might not be so excited to listen to you. On the other hand, if you show them pictures from your country that were taken twenty years ago, and some recent pictures in contrast, they might pay attention. In the end, everyone wants to know more about their region.
  • Watch movies. There are many apocalyptic movies that present future possible disasters. All these are caused by pollution, excessive exploitation and so on. You can get some very interesting ideas and you can make a very engaging exercise; what would happen in twenty years if people would not stop polluting the planet? Describe how the nature would look, how people would live and so on.
  • Read scientific magazines. You will find there many fascinating articles that show the negative effects of global warming. From extinct species to earthquakes and tsunamis, everything is explained in a very simple way. You can bring the article to class and show them directly the information or you can re-write it and just introduce it in your research paper. Either way, make sure that everything is correct.
  • Discuss with a specialist. If you want to find a really unique idea, this is the best thing to do. For sure there are some volunteers around your area that are ready to talk to other people about the damages that we do to our Planet. These people are well informed and you don’t have to worry that they will say something wrong. Even more, they are so passionate about saving the planet that they will spend all day long with you, helping you organize and write your amazing research paper.

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