List Of Top 8 Research Paper Topics About Julius Caesar

If you cannot come up with a good topic for your research paper on Julius Caesar, don’t worry. This famous tragedy by William Shakespeare covers lots of marvelous ideas that can be successfully developed into strong research topics.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Topic

Julius Caesar can be analyzed from different angles. Since it is a play, you may focus on its theatrical features and explore its scenes, speeches, and rhetoric effects. You may dig deeper into the history of the play creation or trace its popularity in the course of time. Finally, you may research the plot and analyze the characters and their roles in the tragedy. Consider your interests when selecting a topic and you won’t go wrong.

The Best Topics for Your Inspiration

  1. Discuss why Julius Caesar appeals to modern politicians. Despite the fact that conspiracy and assassination are the key motives in the play, the quotes therefrom are frequently used in political speeches nowadays. Analyze why it is so.
  2. Discuss the theme of friendship in Julius Caesar. Analyze the relationships between Brutus and Caesar, Antony and Caesar, Brutus and Cassius, Octavius and Antony, or between other characters that are considered to be friends. Are these people true friends or are they united for political purposes? How common are such relationships nowadays?
  3. Find a protagonist in the play. Is it a powerful figure of Julius Caesar who keeps influencing events even after his death? Or, is it Brutus who fails due to his personal weaknesses even though he is considered to be a noble man?
  4. Analyze the role of the plebeians in the play. How do common people affect the events? How do political leaders bribe the plebeians to get their support? When analyzing the topic, refer to the scene when the people both support Brutus and condemn him.
  5. Explore the sources that Shakespeare referred to when creating Julius Caesar. What details did he omit? What information was changed? Why?
  6. Analyze Roman superstitions in your research paper. What omens, nightmares, and supernatural events are described in Julius Caesar? What do these superstitions tell about Roman fears and beliefs?
  7. Discuss the role of “tragic flaws” in the play. What “tragic flaws” (or weak points) do Caesar and Brutus have? How do these flaws ruin the heroes’ lives?
  8. Compare the wives of Caesar and Brutus. How are Calphurnia and Portia similar? How do they differ? How do these women influence their husbands? What roles do they play in Julius Caesar?

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