Creative Ideas For A High School Research Paper On Game Design

Game design is an ever-growing technology field that gains even more popularity at major universities each year. Getting into a top notch program can be a much easier process if you have some experience writing on various research paper topics within this subject. So here are some great topic ideas for you to consider using when you are in high school and looking forward to a career in game design:

  1. Video game and violence: How are game developers working to create a comfortable solution in terms of graphics and gameplay to satisfy both people who believe games are too violent and people who want to be entertained through some level of violence?
  2. There have been a few cases in the U.S. were defendants of violent crimes have pointed to video games as the most influential factor behind their behavior. What do these types of crimes and legal defenses mean for the industry moving forward?
  3. How has game design improved in terms of virtual reality? Do more people prefer an ultra-realistic world or will this remain to be a niche market that appeals to just a small segment of video game and entertainment seekers?
  4. Some simple graphic formats have been used in recent years in games that went on to become global successes. Do you think there is an oversaturation of highly-detailed design graphics that is pushing away players to more traditional forms?
  5. Take the success of two gaming franchises and compare and contrast elements of game design in both. Are proprietary concerns as prevalent in game design development or have these been overlooked because gaming is a relatively new form of intellectual property?
  6. Video game and censorship: With rating systems applied to games should certain forms of censorship be lifted? For instance, if a game is rated for adults only, isn’t it incumbent on the guardians of a minor to prevent him or her access, and not the responsibility of censors?
  7. Many health experts have argued that the improved technologies of game design can be somewhat held responsible for fewer teens participating in healthy exercise as they are now choosing, for instance, to “play” sports through a game console. Is this a fair assessment?
  8. How is video game technology being applied to military targeting technologies and keeping more men and women safe from having to fight in the front lines?

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