Where To Go Looking For A Research Paper Proposal Example For High School

Why teachers require students to provide proposals before turning in their research paper?

Many teachers require their students to provide them with an outline and proposal for their research paper so that the teacher can provide some feedback. The initial feedback will assist the student in the writing of the term paper. With the paper proposal, the student has a guide as to how to research the chosen topic and how to write the paper.

How a research paper proposal should be written?

  • Should provide the teacher with the title and thesis question of the paper.
  • Provide the main points that will be discussed in the term paper.
  • Most paper proposals are five pages long or less.
  • The teacher should get a general scope of the thesis paper, main points of the subject, and the writer’s viewpoint on the main subject matter.
  • The paper proposal will prepare the student for the researching and writing of the thesis paper.

What to do if you have never written a thesis proposal before?

  • Can always ask your teacher for guidelines and instructions on how to write the proposal.
  • Can go to the school library and find books on how to write a dissertation proposal.
  • Can check the web for directions on how to write a good proposal.
  • Can always look for sample paper proposals to use as a guide to writing one for your term paper.

Where high school students can find sample term paper proposals?

  • The student can always check their textbooks for samples of paper proposals.
  • Research paper proposal samples can be found in the school library.
  • Can always ask your teacher for previous students’ proposals to use as a resource to write your own.
  • Can always ask classmates if they have a term paper proposal you can use as an example.
  • The web is a good place to find sample thesis proposals.

Here are some excellent topics to write about in a thesis term paper:

  • Roe vs. Wade Abortion Law being dismantled.
  • How do social media affect the personal interaction between family members?
  • How does an individual’s personal credit determine where they will live and where they will work?
  • Which group of individuals receives welfare benefits the most blacks or whites?
  • Does race really matter when it comes to interaction with law enforcement?
  • Why does the color of an individual’s skin continue to matter today?

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