High School Research Paper Formatting --- 10 Tips And Tricks

If you are a high school student aiming to write your very own research paper for the first time, you have to take note of certain aspects of the task initially. This article will give you some ideas as to what you should watch out for when it comes to writing your own investigative paper on a specific topic.

Salient Points to Keep in Mind

  • The first few things that you need to take note of are the parts of your paper. Certain paper formats tend to be stricter when it comes to including in excluding certain parts of the paper. For example, APA style of formatting will have to include citations as well as a detailed bibliography of the books that you have used for the study In addition to this, the margins and spacing should be taken into account. Every page should have a 1-inch margin on all sides. This way, the spacing of the documents will be uniform.
  • Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the font that you are using. Some formatting styles require specific wants to be used when it comes to documentation. For example, this standard font for an APA style paper format would be Times New Roman at about 12 points in size for the body. For the title, you should increase your font up to 14 points.
  • You should also take note of the various writing style so that each format tends to adopt. Some of the more extensive studies tend to be more formal in terms of their writing. However, since as we are talking about a high school exposition here, some leeway could be provided in terms of word choice.
  • High school formatting can also forgo statistical analysis and detailed descriptions of empirical data. You can include a brief overview of these particular pieces of data. However, you do not have to go into detail regarding the information. It can be reserved for higher education.
  • Another point of contention between a high school and college research methodology is that high school students have a more limited capacity when it comes to gathering information. This is why most the topics chosen for high school students should be within the scope of the resources that they can tap into.


These are just some of the points that you should take note of when it comes to high school research paper formatting and investigation. You should take note that high school paper though not so detailed can be extremely compelling still. This is why you have to choose topics and writing patterns that will enhance the paper even more in the end.

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