A List Of Unique Research Paper Topics On Romeo And Juliet

In the earlier days, the teachers would give dissertation topics which the students needed to write about. These essays were very boring, and as they did not hold the interest of the writer, the student would not even conduct proper research or even write a proper thesis after doing the homework they needed to. This would happen term after term, and the dissertations that were handed in would be of low quality as they did not involve any research whatsoever. It was done either at the last minute or treated as a kind of freelance topic.

Here are some interesting essays that could be written after studying and doing proper research on Romeo and Juliet:

  • Do Romeo and Juliet glorify suicide by teens?
  • What does this play teach us about altruism?
  • Based on this play, can one conclude that love is eternal?
  • How is it that the conventions with regards gender were broken by Romeo and Juliet? How it that the roles played is kept changing and fluctuating during the entire play?
  • How were changes in Romeo‚Äôs character evolved between the third act where his suicide is attempted as compared with Act 5 where he commits suicide.
  • Write about the political setting of the play Romeo and Juliet.
  • A thesis on: Is it that Romeo was infatuated with Juliet?
  • Is it possible that Romeo fell in love much too quickly and could his affection be questioned?
  • What is the contrast between the disorder as well as the order in Romeo and Juliet as well as how is the dichotomy expressed during the play?
  • A thesis on what are the major themes that run through the entire play.

These are some topics that can be considered either for freelance essay topics or even dissertation topics. However, the student needs to be ready that to do a proper study on the play, at least the entire play will need to be read at least for a few times as part of their homework so that the subtleties can be understood and deeper meaning to the play can be perceived. It will also help if they can get the help of someone who is a major in literature to help them with these topics and to help them write a good dissertation.

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