How To Compose A Winning Research Paper About Phobias: A Quick Guide

The keys to writing a winning research paper about phobias are not all that different than the keys to writing any good research paper. You should, however, keep in mind that your reader will likely have preconceptions and even misunderstandings about phobias.

To write an excellent paper, follow this quick guide:

  1. Choose a unique aspect to focus on
  2. One of the hallmarks of a really excellent research paper compared to an average one is that the excellent paper will choose a unique aspect to focus on. Chances are you’re writing a paper that is less than 20 pages, which with a topic as broad as phobias, is not enough space to provide in depth information about everything. Because of this you’ll need to narrow down your focus. One of the easiest ways to decide what to focus on is to ask yourself what you find most interesting about phobias. Is it how they have historically been diagnosed? Is it how they related to past experiences in the patient’s life? Is it how they’ve been portrayed in media and pop culture? There are so many different directions you can go it, and as a rule of thumb, its always best to write about something you find truly interesting when possible.

  3. Make sure there are good sources to draw from
  4. Before you get very far in the process of writing your paper, or even in deciding on your topic, you should make sure that there are good sources that you can use. Do a quick search, and if its fairly easy to find some, then go ahead with that topic. But if you’re really struggling to find any that meet the assignment requirements and will be helpful, then you should consider changing topics.

  5. Be sure to be impartial and authoritative
  6. With this kind of paper it’s important to keep an authoritative tone. If you are writing about a phobia and you think its funny or strange, that shouldn’t show in your writing. Make sure your paper is presenting facts, not your opinion.

  7. Your goal should be to have your reader walk away with a new perspective on phobias
  8. You want your reader to walk away from your paper with a different or more complete understanding than they would from reading any of the individual sources you’ve used. So try to present a new angle or perspective in your paper.

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