Choosing Strong Research Paper Topics About The Bipolar Disorder

When you set out to complete any assignment of the first steps required to pick your topic. If you are tasked with completing a research paper about bipolar disorder you might be given the opportunity to select a research paper topic on your own.

  1. Picking a topic on your own when you are already given the broad subject matter can seem very difficult at first.
  2. Is important to note that the first thing you pick will probably be far too broad. Chances are that the first thing you pick will need to be narrowed down or refined so that you can adequately cover it in the span of the pages you are allowed.
  3. It is important that you have a handful of potential ideas before you settle on any of them. The reason for this is that you do not necessarily know if there is enough research available for you to properly cover the topic. If you have three different potential ideas you want to conduct a generic Internet search for those three different ideas to see which academic resources are available. You want to make sure that you have enough peer-reviewed articles or academic books to support your idea. You also want to make sure that the existing literature supports your idea and does not support the opposite idea. The last thing you want is to head down a path with a topic that you cannot fully support only to find that out midway through the project.
  4. Once you have conducted your preliminary research and found that there is or is not adequate literature available, you can then pick whichever of the ideas you like the best. Once you have picked your idea you want to refine it so that you can cover in the number of pages you have available. For example, the idea of bipolar disorder is quite large. If you want to focus on treatment options you still have to refine that subject even further especially if your paper is only 10 pages in length. Some of the ways that you can refine that idea is with demographics or with time periods or even locations.
  5. For example: you can refine treatment options based on age or gender. You can compare different treatment options in different locations. You might instead choose to focus on historical treatment options versus current treatment options. All of these are ways that you can refine your topic or even apply the reverse idea to broaden your topic. If there's not enough literature available for you to write about the different treatment options for men versus women, you can expound upon the idea so that it meets the page length by incorporating treatment options for men versus women in different countries.

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