List Of Compelling Research Paper Topics About Drinking Age

There have been several debates on what should be right legal age when one can start drinking. While some scholars and health researchers have indicated that the drinking age should fall in alignment with the universal franchise, there are many who vary. The laws are different in different states and countries and this is one of the major reasons people look at following regular patterns first.

The role of a good topic

In the event of composing a good paper on the subject, you will have to first be clear about the title of the topic of the paper. Unless you are clear on that part, you should look to revise. Going through some of the most discussed topics in the genre can be of slight help as well. There are a lot of other things that you will need to consider as well.

What you need to know?

The first thing that you should know is the age at which the body is compatible for drinking in medical terms. Often, the geographies and individual health conditions have to play a role. These factors should be taken into consideration. Only then you can decide on the relevance and selection of topics for the research paper.

List of good paper topics on drinking age

  • The age of drinking: should it correspond to the health of an individual or the age of the person
  • What is the role of age in determining the age of drink? How can one be sure about the age?
  • Is it all right to have a universal drinking age like the universal adult franchise?
  • Why is there suspicion over the age factor when it comes to drinking?
  • What steps should be taken by local administration to curb below-age drinking?
  • Have you met anyone who drinks below the legal age? Document their perspective
  • Reflect at the minimum age of drinking as just a state issue where people are comfortable with any age for drinking?
  • Apart from health, what are the negative aspects of drinking below the legal age?
  • Can you list out some advantages (if any) of underage drinking?
  • Look at the issue of underage drinking from the perspective of others members in the family
  • How can you ascertain if a person is physically strong enough to drink even after attaining the legal age?
  • What are some challenges authorities face when trying to curb illegal and underage drinking?

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