Writing A Term Paper About Cyber Bullying

Among the several social problems that have been giving both the society, especially parents, a lot of concern, cyber bullying is on the top list. If you have been required to write a term paper on this topic, then see it as a privilege to address yet another issue that has led to so many suicidal deaths and serious injuries. The emergence of the internet shifted bullying from the corridors of school buildings and canteens to the internet. Not helping matters is the rate at which the use of mobile devices is climbing by the day and the early use of social media by teenagers, especially without appropriate parental guidance.

With all these issues at the back of your mind, it becomes time for you to choose a particular area of this menace to address through your term paper. Over the past years, a lot of papers have been composed on cyber bullying and its effect on the victims. However, you can do something different. You can even take a lead from any of such papers since there is likely to be recommendations for further researches on other unexplored or under-addressed areas of this social problem. Yes, to make the most of the opportunity, it is important that you familiarize yourself with what is currently happening as it has to do with cyber bullying.

After this, you then settle down to narrowing down the subject to a particular angle or approach. This could come in the form of a question that you now tend to answer through your term paper. You can try to give an answer to the question: Cyber Bullying: Is it a menace to be addressed through education or punishment? This is an idea and if it is one that interests you, then you can start researching on materials to back up your response, either a yes for education or a yes for punishment. Whichever option you choose to go for, then write it with great passion to make an impact.

Remember that in writing this type of term paper, there is never a “wrong” or “right” answer. What is important is your ability to make a strong argument that would effectively support your view on the issue. You can also try to address the legal consequences of engaging in cyber bullying, some of the factors that give rise to cyber bullying, the difference between cyber bullying and traditional bullying, most notorious medium of cyber bullying etc. All these will give you an idea of what approach to take as you compose your term paper on cyber bullying.

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