Inventing Interesting Research Paper Topic Ideas For University Students

University students often feel stressed and anxious understanding that they have get started working on their research papers quickly. Only a few students have a clear topic idea in mind, while others don’t have a specific research question to address. Inventing an interesting topic idea might be challenging if you don’t use any helpful methods. The following list provides several ways forward:

  1. Consult your supervisor.
  2. Usually, university professors have lists of sample research questions that they share with the students. They often provide several suggestions for further research which you can consider for your paper. You can also ask your professor where you can find a list of unusual ideas for your assignment.

  3. Read the other writing.
  4. Go to the library, find research papers written by other students, and skim through the titles of the works. It’s recommended to look at papers prepared in your field over the past three-five years. Once you found an interesting document, you should read its abstract to get better understanding of its research question.

  5. Talk to your classmates.
  6. Your classmates as well have to invent research paper topics, so you can help each other. Brainstorming is a helpful technique often used by students who need to compose strong assignment topics. It makes sense to spend several hours to discuss potential topic ideas. However, don’t forget to take notes, as you never know what idea might get you inspired.

  7. Consider you own interests.
  8. If you aren’t a team player, you might think about your own research interests. Try to relax and think about a topic that you would like to learn more about. You should write down any idea that you come up with and revise them later to figure out whether there is something that you can analyze in your research paper.

  9. Criticize the course material.
  10. You should think about something in the course that you have been skeptical about. You can analyze a controversial theory or discuss the results of someone else’s study. It’s also a good idea to think about a concept or theory that requires further study.

  11. Ask the question ‘Why?’
  12. While you’re inventing an outstanding research paper idea, you should keep asking the question ‘Why?’ which is the easiest way to realize whether you can develop a strong research question within a chosen topic idea. If you can’t come up with a question that you can address in your work, you should consider other topics.

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