The 18 Best Term Paper Topics In Marketing For College Students

A term paper is an interesting assignment for students if the subject is of their interest. They can come up with a great term paper if they have enough time and motivation to choose a winning topic and express their ideas.

Interesting topics for students studying marketing in college

  1. The relationship between marketing and advertising, which one is the bigger scope
  2. The change in promotional campaigns due to social media marketing and digital networks
  3. The allocation of budgets in order to achieve a perfect marketing strategy for electronic, print and digital media
  4. Why is it important to market a product if it has the best aesthetics as well as quality
  5. How do you create a need for your product or service in the industry if there is no market for it yet
  6. How to determine the company that is leading the industry and what technique to follow in order to increase sales
  7. Should products for children only be marketed to their parents and not to children because then they insist on buying stuff that parents cannot afford
  8. How effective it is to sponsor a television program for teenagers if you are selling a service aimed for school going students
  9. How to tell if your marketing campaign was successful and the number of your target audience who received your message through this campaign
  10. What is the logic behind large manufacturers and multinational companies, assigning most of their budget to the marketing department
  11. How do research and development department and marketing department depend on each other in a company
  12. What is the responsibility of a marketing manager if the company is at launch, growth, maturity or decline
  13. How to tell if the company is making enough revenue to support all of its running marketing campaigns
  14. What do you think of Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign that target their audience based on demographics
  15. How to make sure that you are using the right marketing mix for your product in the appropriate proportions for each division`
  16. How has social media networking changed the way people market and promote their products
  17. The role of a liaison office in creating an effective marketing mix for the product oriented company
  18. How do marketing campaigns differ for a product oriented business and a market oriented business

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