Astronomy Research Paper Topics: 22 Fresh Examples

Given the prospect of having to present a research paper in astronomy, it is important for you to make sure that you come up with some fresh titles, which will make it easier for you to convince your teachers that you do know what you are doing, and you will score marks that you deserve. The following are some really good titles that you should consider for this task:

  1. Discuss the prospect of water on the moon
  2. Should the government keep spending on research on outer space?
  3. Discuss the black hole theory
  4. Explain the concept of Mesoamerican astronomy
  5. Discuss the career options for an astronomy student
  6. Explain the importance of remote observatories in astronomy
  7. Discuss how native American astronomy has evolved
  8. Discuss the moons of Jupiter
  9. Explain the role that astronomy has played in developing literature
  10. Discuss the relationship between the sun spots and the solar weather
  11. Discuss challenges that were associated with the construction of the first telescope
  12. Explain some of the significant achievements that have been made by women in astronomy
  13. Discuss some reasons why astronomy is misinterpreted in most cases
  14. Discuss the birth of planets, with an emphasis on the earth
  15. Discuss whether it is right to portray the knowledge of astronomy in science fiction
  16. Gravitational waves are an interesting concept. Discuss what they stand for.
  17. Explain the role that astronomy plays in understanding color
  18. What is spectroscopy? Discus, with an emphasis on developments that have taken place over the past decade
  19. Based on astronomical knowledge you have gathered over the years, explain the reason for the darkness of the sky
  20. Discuss an elaborate history of Neptune and astronomy
  21. Explain the role that Japanese myths have played in the development of astronomy over the years
  22. Explain some of the most important rules of astronomy that most people are not aware of

One thing that we must appreciate for sure is the fact that when it comes to astronomy, this is a field of study that has seen so many interesting events happening over time. It is also a field that has seen a lot of mythical stories spring up from time to time. As a student however, your role is to make sure that whatever discussion you present will be backed by some good research.

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