How To Come Up With A Good Research Paper Topic On Criminal Justice

Not sure of the topic to use for your research paper on criminal justice? This happens to most teachers and students alike. There is a simple criterion that you can use to come up with a strong topic for your paper. It will make your paper easy to write and relevant to your academic journey as well as career prospects.

  • - Focus on an incident- there are incidences happening on daily basis in different parts of the country or the world. They are surrounded by questions and concerns about criminal justice. In this case, your focus will be on perpetrators, victims, law enforcement, justice structures, etc. You also may want to focus on the history or future implications of such an incident. There are people involved in the incident whose life, lifestyle, motivation or ideology may inform your choice of topic.
  • - Target a particular time- the criminal justice system evolves over time. Each generation is dealing with unique challenges. The challenges and handling of incidences at a particular time can help you develop an exciting topic for your research paper on criminal justice. You also may want to compare two eras and how each generation has handled particular crimes.
  • - Emerging issues- crimes change as the society develops. This is an opportunity to use the research paper on criminal justice to identify loopholes or shortcomings in the system that hinder efficiency in fighting crimes. It is an attempt to create a responsive criminal justice system.

Some of the classic research paper topics on criminal justice system include:

  1. How crime relates to age
  2. The motivation behind campus crime
  3. Peer influence in crime
  4. The theory of social control as it applies in the present day
  5. Enhancing the accuracy of crime prediction
  6. Preservation of crime scenes
  7. Dealing with crimes involving children
  8. Handling juvenile related crimes
  9. Conviction and restorative justice
  10. How to minimize wrongful conviction
  11. Are there neighborhoods that are prone to crime?
  12. Dealing with immigrant related crimes
  13. Gun ownership and its relationship to crimes
  14. Is education a solution to crime?
  15. Is the criminal justice system lenient to one gender?
  16. The science of criminology

Whichever topic you choose for your research paper on criminal justice, ensure that it is within the scope of your course. Endeavor to provide new information to the world of academics. This means that you should avoid commonly researched topics.

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