Fresh Topics You Can Discuss In Your Research Paper On Child Abuse

Sometimes, teachers instruct students to write research papers on such serious topics like child abuse. This is a broad topic that can be narrowed to make your paper more original and meaningful. If you cannot come up with good ideas for your paper on child abuse, you may look at the list of suggestions below.

Topics for You to Choose from

  1. Positive consequences of child abuse.
  2. Why do some people who suffered from child abuse grow up to become loving and caring parents?

  3. Negative consequences of child abuse.
  4. Why do some people who suffered from child abuse grow up to become the same monsters as their own parents?

  5. Parents who maltreat their children.
  6. What are the reasons for some parents to maltreat or even sexually abuse their own children?

  7. Discipline and abuse.
  8. Where is the line between a strict discipline and child abuse? Should parents be very authoritative in relation to their children?

  9. Child abuse reports.
  10. What happens when somebody makes a child abuse report? Does anything change in the family of abusers?

  11. Children taken from their parents.
  12. Why are some children happy to be taken from parents-abusers and others aren’t? Should bad parents have an opportunity to return their children?

  13. Foster families.
  14. Are children raised in foster families more likely to be abused? What should abused children do in such cases?

  15. Spouse abuse and child abuse.
  16. What is the connection between these two types of abuse? Are there parents who abuse their children but don’t abuse their spouses and vice versa?

  17. Custody disputes and child abuse.
  18. Should parents who abused their children have rights of custody? Can custody disputes between divorced parents be considered child abuse?

  19. Preventing child abuse.
  20. What should the government do to reduce the number of children abused in their own families?

How to Write Your Paper

To get an excellent grade for your academic work, it’s not enough just to pick a good topic. You should also conduct thorough research to support your statements and arguments with strong evidence. Consult your teacher to find the best sources on which to base your study.

Before you start writing, it’s advisable to create an outline of your paper. If you follow it during the writing process, your paper will be structured logically and clearly.

Maintain academic tone while writing your research paper. Use topic sentences and transitions to make your text flow smoothly. Always check your text for mistakes and awkward sentences.

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